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On the Way: Not the End… (1)

It is not necessary to have visited Santiago de Compostela to imagine it as the end of a long pilgrimage way, often dramatic and occasionally tragic.  It is stated like that in the medieval romance by Don Gaiferos de Mormaltán which apparently was sung by minstrels...

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Birds of Vilnius

The experiences of the last week in Vilnius (Lithuania), where we traveled to attend the 22nd annual meeting of the EAA, are still seething in our memories. Traveling with us, five hundred leaflets where we wanted to talk, in short, what NEARCHing Factory was to be....

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The Skin of Compostela

This old town seems to slough off during the summer. And from early in the morning, hundreds of pilgrims and visitors walk its cobbled streets, stopping at every step to feel with their hands the texture of granite that surrounds them, or to check their maps and...

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